Services & Training Times

Services & Trainings Times

Our services
KOMAK offers exactly what you need. The courses are tailored to the dangers of everyday life and their profession. Because the dangerous situations they can face depend on their gender as well as their profession.
Thus, soldiers and policemen on duty are faced with other problems than women on their way home from work. Or the guard of a construction site and the person who just wants to do moral courage.

For companies

We have expanded our range of services and offer for your employees, specially tailored to your company workout! Whether you are a bar owner and want to know your employees in safety, in which you can deal with them in dangerous situations better. Or just want to do a workout with and for your coworker.We plan, advise and carry out your project in the usual professionalism, as you are used to from your employees and yourself!

For clubs

Does your sports club want a special seminar to expand its capabilities thanks to KOMAK? Then we will help you too! Special, so-called, Fighting (Combat) seminars offer just the thing for all martial arts and martial arts types out there.

Training Times

Mixed courses for women and men:

Tuesdays and Thursdaysfrom 18:00 to 20:00

First aid courses for all driving license classes:

Officially recognized body according to § 68 FeV

-Only after previous registration-

First aid courses on child and infant:

Also recognized for care facilities

-Only after previous registration-